The Future of Aeromedical Services in Malaysia.

An Industry Summit

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
22-23 Feb 2018


Proud to bring exceptional healthcare, aeromedical and aviation expert speakers from across the region.  Invited speakers include:

Sponsors and Partners

An industry summit about aeromedical operations and business opportunities for the future

This two day industry summit focuses on aeromedical operations and business systems within Malaysia. Presented by Operational Health and Risk and Emergency, it featuring a range of domestic and international experts. The high value event will explore;

  • Re-examining aeromedical deployment best practice strategies

  • Developing systems to ensure readiness for response and destination requirements

  • Establishing effective airport aeromedical operations and services

  • Identifying, recognising and addressing various forms of medical oversight on aeromedical evacuations

  • Leveraging non-medical transport resources

  • Establishing effective, result driven and safety-centric performance management plans

  • Establishing minimum training standards

  • Exploring methods of leveraging aviation support to Industry and

  • Aligning strategies to enhance medical tourism with aeromedical transport

  • plus a range of other topics of specific interest to emergency and non-emergency aeromedical transport operators.

The future of Aeromedical services in Malaysia

22-23 Feb 2018

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Operational Health



Who is this event for?

This two-day summit presents a unique opportuniy to learn how aeromedical services in Malaysia are growing. From supporting international access to Malaysia's healthcare system to domestic emergency responses, this sumitt will give insight into the commerical and public/private partnerships that will shape the future of aeromedical retrival in Malaysia. Presentations will include;

  • Recent trends and best practice principals of contemporary aeromedical services

  • Domestic and international business development opportunities that may be able to be leveraged by your organisation.

  • How training systems and services supports continued professionalization of the industry.

  • Evolving technology that provides end- to- end services for your organisation

  • The role of the aeromedical community in supporting inter-organisational resilience and readiness and response.

  • The future services planned to be available at airports for aeromedical services

CEOs, CFOs, MD and managers of healthcare services that operate, use or partner with Malaysian and international aeromedical providers

+61 41 4466 737

+60 18 664 3654

Australia- Craig Hooper, AFCHSM, Director

PO Box 7434, Fisher, ACT , 2611

Malaysia- Azli Latif, MCHSM, Principal Consultant

28F Central Plaza, 34 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur 

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